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What's in a Name? If you know the name of the self-catering Barbados apartment or hotel you wish, then you'll quickly find it in this list. If you're a first-time visitor or repeat guest looking for somewhere new, have a browse and take a closer look at some of these self catering properties. We've also included a rate guide to help you out. You can also list by location, facilities and rates.

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Silver Sands
from $60 to $140 (US)
Inchcape, Silver Sands
from $80 to $645 (US)
from $70 to $95 (US)
Paynes Bay
from $200 to $750 (US)
from $100 to $200 (US)
Providence Hill
from $97 to $118 (US)
1st Avenue, Worthing
from $91 to $170 (US)
Maxwell Road
from $125 to $210 (US)
from $49 to $85 (US)
Silver Sands
from $60 to $90 (US)
Inch Marlow
from $100 to $245 (US)
from $105 to $255 (US)
Inch Marlow
from $55 to $100 (US)
Sandy Lane, Golf Links Dr
from $110 to $155 (US)
St. Lawrence Gap
from $110 to $185 (US)
from $95 to $110 (US)
from $300 (US)
from $99 to $149 (US)
from $82 to $125 (US)
St. Lawrence Gap
from $70 to $160 (US)
#1 A Blue Ocean Cottage
Silver Sands, Christ Church
Tel.: 420-2847
#1 A Inchcape Seaside Villas
Inchcape, Silver Sands, Christ Church
Tel.: 428-7006 / Fax: 420-4748
Adulo Apartments
Rockley, Christ Church
Tel.: 426-6811 / Fax: 228-7472
Beach View Hotel
Paynes Bay, St. James
Tel.: 432 2300 / Fax: 432 0946
Best E Villas - Prospect
Prospect, St. James
Tel.: 425-9751 / Fax: 416-3266
Best E Villas - Providence
Providence Hill, Christ Church
Tel.: 425-9751 / Fax: 425-9653
Chateau Blanc Apartments on Sea
1st Avenue, Worthing, Christ Church
Tel.: 435-7518 / Fax: 435-7414
Golden Sands Apartment Hotel
Maxwell Road, Christ Church
Tel.: 428-8051 / Fax: 428-3897
Meridian Inn
Dover, Christ Church
Tel.: 428-4051 / Fax: 420-6495
Ocean Bliss Apartments
Silver Sands, Christ Church
Tel.: 428-7259
Ocean Spray Beach Apartments
Inch Marlow, Christ Church
Tel.: 622-1760 / Fax: 428-9032
Plum Tree Club
Rockley, Christ Church
Tel.: 435-7606 / Fax: 435-8282
Point View Apartments
Inch Marlow, Christ Church
Tel.: 428-7301 / Fax: 428-7301
Sandy Bliss Condominiums
Sandy Lane, Golf Links Dr, St. James
Tel.: 4287259
South Gap Hotel
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Tel.: 420-7592 / Fax: 420-6431
Sunset Sands Beach Apartments
Speightstown, St. Peter
Tel.: 438-1096 / Fax: 438-1881
The Atlantis
Bathsheba, St. Joseph
Tel.: 433-9445 / Fax: 433-7180
The Palms Resort
Holetown, St. James
Tel.: 432-6750 / Fax: 432-7229
Worthing Court Apartment Hotel
Worthing, Christ Church
Tel.: 434-8400 / Fax: 435-7374
Yellow Bird Hotel
St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church
Tel.: 418-8444 / Fax: 418-9770

In Barbados we are blessed with a very high number of repeat guests. Once you've visited our lovely island it's hard to stay away! The warm weather, beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery, historic sites and friendly faces will just keep bringing you back to our shores for that special Barbados holiday.

Many guests fall in love with a self-catering hotel or apartment and often arrange next year's booking while checking out. If you're one of those then you'll quickly find your favourite spot in this list. But you might want to try somewhere else this time, maybe in a different part of the island.

If you're a first-time guest, the names of these self catering properties may not mean much to you. You might find the lists by facilities or rate more helpful.

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